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Install Guide

1) Here is the software you'll need installed besides tilda:


2) unzip and untar the source, change directorys to the tilda dir and run:

./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

3) Run tilda -C to bring up the configuration wizard, even if you had tilda
installed before, ~/.tilda/config changes all the time.

4) The command 'tilda' runs tilda later

5) Default key F[$instance+1] so if this is first tilda you run, instance=0, press
F1 to bring tilda up and down. Example key bindings:

None+grave -- ~
None+F1 -- can be any key instead of F1 as well
Control+x -- can be any key instead of x as well
Alt+x -- can be any key instead of x as well

Be sure that xbindkeys is not running! If it grabs the same key as you want Tilda to use.

6) tilda -h to see the rest of the command line options. If you want a transparent bg
and you want a white font do the follow "tilda -t -b black" this will set the
forground color to white and the terminal transparent.

7) lock files are stored in ~/.tilda/locks now so keep an eye on that dir if Tilda
dies in an odd way, seg fault or xkill.

8) Shortcuts for tabs are: Ctrl-Shift-T (New Tab), Ctrl-Shift-PageUp (Next Tab),
Ctrl-Shift-PageDown (Prev Tab)


1) Why is it Tilda? Shouldn't it be Tilde?

Thanks mister know it all. Tilde was already taken on sourceforge so I figured Tilda would be funny. But the one thing I can not answer here is how to pronounce tilda, it's not how you would think (q).

2) I already had tilda and a config file why is it saying I need to delete it?

We just switched to a new library, libconfuse, for dealing with the config files in .09.2. So if you have a config file from a version before .09.2 you must delete it, sorry I hope this is the last time that will happen, haha just did it again for .09.2. Sorry but libconfuse makes this a lot easier. Get the convert script here if you don't want to remake your config files.

3) When I run tilda it says there is no config file or uses the wrong one?

Be sure that the directory ~/.tilda/locks does not have any locks that shouldn't be there anymore. A lock_[$instance] file is created each time tilda is started, so your first tilda window would be ~/.tilda/locks/lock_0. If Tilda exits adnormally this may not get deleted and thus you will have to delete it manually.

Change Log

New to 0.09.3 (2006-6-29):
- can now slide any from top, bottom, left or right - ctrl-# changes tab, sorry not alt-# (bash uses that)
- ctrl-shift-w fix
- Added ability to set height/width by percentage of screen resolution
- All Tabs are now the same size
- Remove stale code (apply() function).
- Patch from Danny Milosavljevic (thanks!) which fixes:
- "tilda -C", then Cancel quits app now
- wizard is a gtk dialog now (modal, not sure if it's used in other places than the -C command line arg)
- wizard uses stock buttons now
- fixed the command line in the wizard to take command line arguments as well
- fixed the restart handling in close_tab_on_exit (combo entry order changed, but the switch statement contained the old order - it seems)
- fixed a strlen warning in tilda_window.c
- removed the apply button since it was confusing

New to 0.09.2 (2006-1-21):
- Added libConfuse to configure.in.
- Better command-line option help generation.
- Switch to libConfuse for config-file parsing.
- Internal cleanups / documentation.
- Increase use of GLib.
- Sliding action added
- No more blinking terminal
- Added shortcuts for adding tabs and going to the next or prev tab
- Various bug fixes

New to 0.09.1 (2005-10-4):
- Fixed problem of tab taking other tabs title
- Fixed 100% CPU problem when Tilda is started hidden

New to Tilda-0.09
- Dynamic Tab Titles
- Many, many many other preferences added (i.e. allowing bold text, any color for foreground/background, more scrolling options, more compatibility options and so on...)
- Bug fix for Window Maker
- Bug fix for new tab grabbing focus
- Possible bug fix for Tilda grabbing focus
- Misc bug fixes

New to Tilda-0.08
- Tabs have been added -- right click on the window to add or remove a tab.
- May have fixed some focus issues.
- Fixed problem with gnu-screen.
- Fixed gthread crash problem.
- Other bug fixes as well

New to Tilda-0.07
- Added right click menu so preferences can be changed while Tilda is running
- GOT RID OF XBINDKEYS!!! now Tilda handles key bindings itself
- Different config file for each instance of Tilda
- Sorry by 'tilda -T' does nothing now :(

New To Tilda-0.06
- Fixed a lot of pesky bugs and possible buffer overflows. Also added a great new configuration wizard.

New To Tilda-0.05.1
- Fixed a defunct process that was running loose. Wasn't too bad, just an ls but needed to be dealt with.

New To Tilda-0.05
- Env Variable added so that inside tilda you can run the command "tilda -T $TILDA_NUM" to move tilda up. Also, you may want to make an alias for "exit" to "tilda -T $TILDA_NUM" :).
- Also fixed bug of tilda not cleaning up tmp 100%. Now each time tilda is run it will check the tmp dir and clean it up if it is not completely clean. Note: this means there may be some rogue tilda files in tmp till the next time you run tilda. I have no way of catching a complete system or X crash to clean up the tmp dir. If anyone knows how to catch an XKill that would be great? I can catch all normal kill commands but XKill is very odd it seems.

New features in Tilda-0.04:
- Added support for multiple tildas running at once
- Fixed bug of tilda leaving X when exited

New features in Tilda-0.03:
- Added a lot of commandline options, run tilda -h to see them all.
- Fake transparency, black background, scrollbar and many more options.
- Fixed problem of tilda not removing itself fully from the screen.

Know Issues

1) Add to this later ;) 2) Anything else you find please email me at sloutri@iit.edu

Future Plans

1) Better dual monitor support?








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